Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Last Day Of Summer

Today is the last day of summer. Although it seems Fall came in a bit earlier, it was not too cold enough for me to bear, except that when we arrived Wilkes-Barre, PA it became so cold in the mornings (in the 50's). I wouldn't wonder why since we are up here in the mountains! :) That's quite understandable and thank goodness, I was perfectly prepared in my packing as I bought jackets with me.

This week was entirely cooler and you wouldn't think it was still summer. Now, it's rainy here in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I suddenly miss home. We've been here for 5 days now. It was a good thing to think that the neighborhood is quite ideal for me. So that while hubby is at work, I can go to the mall which is just a walking distance from our hotel (Quality Inns & Suites), and the neighborhood is surrounded with restaurants, convenience stores and the mall of course. I went to the mall several times without the hubby, and I was able to still find some summer tops that I was trying to get for our Philippine trip next month.

I am not yet ready for summer to go, but nature does its own way the way it should be, lol. Anyway, it would be a great time to plan for an early fall foliage trip again if hubby's schedule would allow it. But I think there should be no problem if it will be in the weekends. I would surely not miss much about the pretty fall colors before we go to the Philippines. I think the peak of the fall will be the time we will be leaving for Philippines. But either way, it would be both something to look forward to on the fall foliage trip and the Philippine trip.

Goodbye summer...I'll surely miss you til next year :(. Hello, Fall! I would surely be able to see your colors once again. I hope you would allow us to see your true colors before we leave.


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