Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog Imported From Friendster!

So, finally this blog has a new home for good! Thank God, I was able to import all my entire blog from friendster (this blog). I wouldn't regret doing this thing because I have been thinking of shifting this blog to other blog host site ever since before but I don't know how.

When friendster, (a social networking site) announced that they will be shutting all blogs, profiles and photos, I just did the importing right away since they helped me with all the proper steps and guide on how to do it. Of course, blogspot is really my favorite {wink}! I have been maintaining 4 blogs with them and even got my domain names with it. Another thing, I feel more convenient and more comfortable posting with blogspot...easy and just a breeze.

I hope I can be able to build a good stability of this blog with blogspot, including a page rank sooner, lol!


Lisa said...

sis paano ba ang pag-import ng friendster blog sa blogspot? I've been doing it manually and it take forever.

AngelNoah said...

hi sis,
u have to convert the xml file that you saved to wordpress kasi wordpress ang format ng FS blog.

Try to follow the instructions on this link.

or if u already saved ur file in ur PC, go to this link and convert it.

Lisa said...

Thanks a bunch for the info sis. I followed the instructions and was able to import my friendster blog to blogspot kaya lang nakarami na akong natransfer doing it manually bago ko nabasa etong post mo. Napagod nga leeg at mata ko. Salamat pa rin at natransfer ko yong remaining posts following the instruction. Ganun para kadali, panagod pa ako, hay buhay!

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