Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Updates!

I feel it's been ages since I updated my last post. It has been a rough and tough, topsy-turvy kind of activities lately for me. Anyway, it's nice to be back once in a while. I always wish I can update my blog(s) almost daily. But it's not easy doing it with 5 blogs :). I have 4 blogs where I could post everything...from a simple daily chores to a paid ad post! LOL! Although this blog is mostly personal and more private, I still post some paid posts which I'm sure you wouldn't mind anyway coz nobody wants to read it, hahaha! If you see some paid posts in between, and you don't feel like reading it, it's easy...don't read it ;).

Our House:
So, our house is done! Like, a roof and 4 walls standing, you know, lol! But we still need to work on the interior putting cabinets, water pipeline installation, floor tiling, etc... This is really one burden in the pocket as they would say, but it is our investment where we could be in it when hubby wants to stay longer in the Philippines.

As we went further with our expenses, we actually decided to give up on this because of so many loopholes in their service (PARC REGENCY). But the thing was we paid more than the amount of the down payment required and they wouldn't refund our money back!

Our house is now fully paid!...that's the only thing we are glad of. The interior construction is our current focus right now, after which I can do the interior designing later or perhaps hire one depending on how I feel once I get to see the house myself.  I still have to prepare myself talking to the people there, and I hope I won't get any high blood pressure because every single step we would do for the house  is always problematic! (haayzz, kalokah!)

So, the complete conclusion of the update would probably be when I get there and fix more things I need to do.

Our Trips:
Unexpectedly, we will be having a big trip coming next month in California for 5 days. This is of course a work trip by hubby. He will be training leaders of  SSA in 5 big cities there...5 cities in 5 days! Imagine! So, it's like "one day here, drive there" for the next day. I wonder if we will be checking in with 5 different hotels as well? LOL! that would be challenging but fun ! The 3 cities are like 3 hours drive away from each other all the way from Los Angeles up to San Rafael.

I didn't expect any more trip coming so most of my summer clothes were already packed in a box and sent to the Philippines 2 weeks ago. It would still be warm in CA in late summer, so I don't want to be packing bulky sweaters and boots on our trip! So, I did some shopping (a little bit, lol!) for some summer wears for the trip.

Then, after the California trip, I would be focusing entirely on my Philippine trip (since I will be traveling alone). I will be traveling light which means no luggage to carry because I hate carrying heavy things when I do long trips. Of course more than half of my luggages were already on their way to the Philippines, so hopefully they are already there once I arrive Philippines.

It's difficult fighting for it if you know you are alone.  There's no such thing as perfect in a family. In this world, we are always bound to be trapped and do crooked things but no matter what, you are always there striving to protect, care and love them! But this time, I felt all alone...perhaps I am praying all alone as well! God wants us to help ourselves. Praying for people won't help if that person you are praying for doesn't even pray for himself.

I am not judgemental. I don't judge wrongdoings. We are all imperfect. it's only Him up there who can judge us. I pray for them, to get back on the right track and move on because I love them. How I wish we would all do the same thing. Why do we have to keep hatred in our heart because of a certain mistake one had done in the past? Why do we have to do another mistake over again where we already know the consequences in the end? mind is tired.

Heart is aching! :(((((


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