Saturday, August 21, 2010

An oath to be re-"Filipinized"

After 3 months of waiting, I got my final schedule for oath next week at the Philippine embassy in D.C. Originally, they scheduled me for August 11th, but the date didn't work!

It's just so difficult to deal with their system as there are no clear rules to follow, and everything just leaves you hanging without any idea on what to do and how long is the wait. Contacting them is horrible...nobody answers the phone but a voicemail system. You're lucky to be talking to a real person but couldn't give you helpful information.

I then requested hubby to do the calling. We then both discovered that in order to speak to a real person on the phone is using the US government phone, lol! My hubby uses his work phone where in it has a caller ID that reflects the "US government". That solved the trick..LOL!

And so, he was able to talk to a guy and my case was put on for re-scheduling. Then, I received a call from the embassy last Wednesday at home that they are putting me for a schedule next week (can't divulge date yet). I will tell the exact date later after I'm done with the oath. It was a good thing hubby's schedule had no conflicts on the given date, so we'll be driving there next week.

After this, I should be done dealing with all the immigration issues.

I was an "Americanized" Filipino 4 months ago, then sooner  I will be a re-"Filipinized" American, LOL!

I would soon be called "KANOY". Yes, soon to have my dual citizenship for my two beloved countries that I consider  home :).


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