Thursday, June 17, 2010

Booking Our Florida Trip

Next month, I will be flying to Orlando and will meet a classmate-friend I haven't seen since 1990 after we graduated from college. It's been 20 years! So I thought, it would be nice to bond. So, then, I started working on our trip itinerary, found a cheap hotel close to Disneyworld and got flight schedules from Southwest.

We are regular customers of SOuthwest airlines. Everytime we fly with them, it's just smooth and hassle-free...and no baggage fee!!! :). Both I and hubby are members of their miles rewards program. So, this will be the second time that they gave us a free round trip ticket  to any destinations in the US. So, we were thinking of just using the one FREE RT ticket and pay the other RT ticket which is like more than $200 to Orlando. After booking our ticket with SOuthwest, my husband told me he only paid $55 for the one RT ticket because he found out that according to the Southwest lady on the phone, I have a free RT ticket that was expired! I was thinking that I am not yet qualified with the miles rewards program and I was just thinking all the way that only my husband is the one being qualified because he would always receive it from his email. They never emailed me so I didn't bother.  Well, of course, we requested them to email me my miles update as well. Since my miles reward was expired, we paid $50 to re-activate it, then $5.00 for the tax insurance. Much better deal than the $200 worth of ticket. YEY! LOL!

So, we're all set for July. Yahoo!



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