Thursday, June 25, 2009

Driving Updates (again)

I am now through with the 6 hours from the school. Hubby insists I continue to work on with the tutor, but I am thinking it is impractical now because we need to pay him 50 bucks for 2 hours. Just imagine if I just continue driving (which doesn't actually need a lot of lessons once you get used to it on the highway) with the tutor twice a week, that's expensive! My driving tutor gave me the tips on parking techniques, and all I have to do is enhance it.

Ah, what can I do with hubby?....too lazy to be with me to do the practice. I understand him anyway...he's a workaholic, and already dead tired when he comes home from work. I did try few times doing the parking, and I think that is the only part I need to continually practice. I don't have a problem driving on the road, winding or not, narrow or wide, and straight,!

Sometimes, I feel it's just too unfair that many states don't even give a test on parallel parking, and getting a DL is just a breeze, while Maryland is just too crazy to test new drivers on parallel parking. I am aware of the reasons, and who am I to be on the contrary?


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