Friday, June 19, 2009

Driving Lessons Update

Yesterday, I finally had my appointment with my driving tutor for the first 2-hour lesson. He picked me up at home and drove me to a nearby school parking lot and from there, I drove around the parking lot for a warm up and just to get used to with the car. The car was the school car where I had my 36 hours classroom lecture. It was a bit old and I had to adjust the side mirrors manually. I don't like doing it, but on the other side of it, the car has a "student driver" sign at the back so I felt more comfortable with it so that other cars would know and be considerate enough when I will be on the road, LOL.

I felt it was a good start for me, and drove for 2 hours on a long windy, hilly, some bumpy road around he neighborhood, and went as far as I don't know where I was, lol. The instructor said he wouldn't let me drive on the highway yet since it's my first lesson.

Thank God, I passed. Originally, the plan was that I will pay him just for the tutoring and not a part of the free 6-hours on the road lessons from the school since I felt am not yet ready to be graded and assessed since I haven't been driving for more than a year since my last practice :(.

My hubby was about to write a check for him, but the instructor said it's not needed because I did good and therefore, he is crediting it from the free 6-hours road lesson from the school. I was surprised but thankful at the same time. That means I still have 4 more hours for the road lessons before I can finally get that school driving certificate to present it to MVA for my final driving test. Lots of blah-blahs needed, but I got no choice anyway but to follow the SOP's.

Now, I felt my adrenaline suddenly went down, and I suddenly felt so exhausted and weak...and my behind is so sore!! LOL.

Gosh, how long can I be like this??


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you can do it nothing to it,

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