Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fingerprinting Done!

I am suppose to post this update earlier, but anyway, better late than never :). So, last Saturday, my fingerprint appointment was done. This is a requirement for my citizenship application which I submitted last September 18, '09.

My schedule was at 3pm, and it was cold and rainy that day. Since it was Saturday, we didn't have to worry about parking. Thank God, Baltimore wasn't that busy. When I arrived at the center, there were only a couple of people there. It wasn't even 3 o'clock yet, but the lady at the counter allowed me to go ahead and fill up the form. At 2:15pm, my number was called and I was done at 2:20pm. How cool is that? hehehe...

My only concern is the possibility of a retake. Sometimes, there are instances that FBI can't read the fingerprints, so they send notices for a retake. Now, that would be a hassle! I am praying there should be no more retakes!

It's just a relief to see that at least the process is moving. I'm almost there. I would be much, much more relieved to get all the immigration things completely done once I'm through with the citizenship and get my US passport...God willing!


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