Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Virus Infected!

Howdy ya'll? It's been a while. I'm just a bit concern about my FS account. I won't doubt somebody out there who can't seem to do something right is trying to hack account by trying to download a virus on my PC. I bet many of you sometimes experience this. If you don't have a powerful anti-virus software to detect it, your PC will soon crash.

This past few weeks, I've noticed that everytime I sign in, my anti virus would suddenly pop up and says "virus detected and is denied." That means, my pc is still safe, but what it does freezes my pc and I have to turn it off as I can't even reboot it :(. I'm not sure if this is my anti-virus software reaction to the attempted virus download, or the virus (or perhaps a bad spyware with the virus) itself.

Sometimes, I just thought of closing my FS account since I am now more active in FB. However, I still have my blog here, and it's still earning! {wink}...well, I just can't afford to take my blog off when in fact it's an income earner for me. Besides, I still can continue posting my rants..."cenya na po if may natatamaan ako minsan", but I don't even spare myself being righteous if I know I am wrong! Anyway, back to the story...LOL!

I am also concern about viewing friend's profiles...friendster is just crazy! I wonder if the team is aware of the virus problem or I am just the only one being affected and am ranting alone? ugh!!!!

"Ay naku, friendster team, kayo na ang bahala, ako kawawa!"


Chari said...

You are so right, this virus is driving me a little bit nutsy. Whenever I try viewing my friend's profile and even my own ,my anti-virus always say there is a " malware-something" so I hit the back button.

Sometimes I think about closing my FS too but lots of my friends are still on it, and I like that I can tweak my profile page not like the one in FB, so plain looking. :)

angelnoah said...

korek ka dyan sis hehehe! pinagtyatyagaan ko na lng to kasi sayang naman etong blog ko dito saka yung mga friends and family na andito na ayaw ng facebook lol!

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