Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rude People On The Road!

Yesterday, it was my first drive in the neigborhood at its peak of busy traffic. I usually drive late in the evenings and traffic is just moderate.  I was just used to it. So, that day, I got out to drive as early as noon time, and so, I got the busiest road ever...a helpful experience :).

While I was trying to change lane, I turned my blinker on,I boosted my speed to allow ample space for the next car behind me on the next lane I am going before I can shift to the said lane. My goodness!...this car doesn't want to give way and continued to speed up to the max! So, she gave me a super loud HONK! which says don't come my way! Hah!....sooooo rude! I had to do a slight swerve back to my lane. She passed on me and gave me a mean look. The driver was still in her early 20's perhaps, or younger and probably a teenager.

Hubby said that was okay, and I didn't do anything wrong. It was just that some people are like that and I have to get used to it...Of course, driving extra careful is always a priority....and extra patience!!! But I was pissed off!

Hubby said I got the experience of meeting rude driver on the road, and road rage shouldn't be tolerated as well. He is right!

Ging's rumbles and rants ended on the right lane crossing the intersection of Johnsville and Sykesville roads! LOL!

Drive safely!


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