Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

We just arrived from our Rhode Island trip the other day, and I can say we really had fun! It really put "smiles" on our face because lately, I and my hubby had been teasing each other with the words "Lady Ging" and "Duke Craig". LOL!

Well, the fact that we visited 7 mansions, it's a no wonder why those words seemed to just be spoken out of nowhere, hehehe...

The mansion tours inside are incredible!!! The only downside of that is NO photography inside! :(.  If ever allowed, I should have at least more than hundreds of photos stored in my camera already. Well, it's part of the National Historic Preservation rule, so visitors can keep coming :). I was really tempted to attempt to click my camera, but...NO WAY! Video cams inside the mansions are everywhere! Any person caught taking photos will be prosecuted. Well, I don't want to ruin my vacation spending the rest of my days in jail. So, behave na lang me, hehehe...

There are mansions that allow photography inside such as the Astor's Beechwood Mansion. It's kinda a private mansion, and I guess we were able to get 4-5 photos in there. It's not as fancy as the other mansions are, but it can give someone a glimpse on what is inside.

The Marble House (which is a mansion, by the way) is so far the most beautiful to me. Inside are all marbles, full of gold architectural designs on all ceilings and walls. The designs are inspired during America's Gilded age as they call it. Of course, mostly are like castle designs, and many are like Victorian designs. These were built in the 18th century, so just imagine the designs you'll see like that one in ancient Rome! :).

But of course, we spent most of our time outside, the longest one when we did the "Cliff Walk". This is a long walk (3.5 miles), and we didn't even finished it. Too bad! It was tiring, and you can't find any refreshing stand at all. Our drink was all gone, and we still had to walk more than a mile away,  and the heat was scorching, and I was super thirsty! If you love to walk or jog, this is the best place to do it. You get an exercise and an excellent view of the ocean! Just be sure to bring at least few bottles of water or soda with you. You'll be mostly along the cliff side, so refreshment stands are far, far away!

More soon! :)


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