Monday, May 4, 2009

Our RP Vacation Update

It's been a good feeling to get back to the blogging world! Haven't been around for a while. Although I have been in constant struggle to update my blog(s), many things are keeping me busy since I and hubby arrived Philippines on April 18, '09. I missed doing the posts, but that's just nothing compared to the quality and quantity of time you spend with your family, isn't it?

Weather: It's been a rainy weather since we arrived. From Iloilo to Manila, rain is just almost daily usually in the afternoon and late evenings. There's a good thing to that...hubby wasn't sweating too much, LOL!

Family: Meeting with my family is the best this year! Why? I saw and was with my siblings seeing us complete. It was one of those few ones where I consider it the most memorable! We had fun in the beach, at home, at the dinner table, good chats, some more outings, etc...We're looking forward to have one like this next year, God willing.

A place we call home: We reserved a house and lot last week in Iloilo. It was tough actually looking for a good one - nice neighborhood and flood free areas, the construction quality and good deals on the price. We have some plans now, but we kept praying for it. I am excited to share about the house, but I won't until we start our payment midweek of this month. This is a BIG investment on our savings since we are thinking of paying the downpayment half of the total price of the house. The total contract price: 2M you got the idea how much we'll be paying for the down. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :) It's a 3-bedroom house with a wide porch on top. ..just ideal for a couple. We can manage to accept visitors once in a while, hahaha! Oh, by the way, I got carried away, I already shared almost all about the house :)).

Meeting Friends: I guess, I am gaining more friends both internationally and locally, LOL! I can't imagine myself being invited at the Manila US Embassy for a visit! I am looking forward to meeting some of them on Thursday.  Hubby has some co workers assigned there and wanted to meet them as well. Hubby has been a good asset of the group in relation to his job. That has been a blessing ever since :).

Two more days, and we'll setting our feet off the Philippine grounds. It would be nice to be back home soon!

To all the mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Hey mom! I hope you liked the card and the gift we gave you! We love you. Mwah!


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