Friday, January 2, 2009

Celebrating Christmas 2008 (Part 2)

Christmas was not only challenging for me, it was a season of catching the worst "bug" ever since I came to America. The bug celebrated Christmas with me until New Year. So, that means I had been "barking" from time to time for more than a week, LOL!

Thank God, I am feeling better now. I was deprived of sleep for the past few days because of the cough, but I now am getting good sleep for the new year 2009 :)).

Anyway, after Christmas, we thought of going to Longwood Gardens (one of our favorite place to hang out) in Pennyslvania to watch the Christmas lights. We didn't expect it was much of  a challenge to get a parking spot that night of December 26th. Our parking was far away from the garden where a bus had to pick us up. But the Longwood Gardens staff did a wonderful job! Kudos! :).

We enjoyed the beauty of the garden lighted with sparkling colored lights at wonder, one of the staff told us they receive at least 15,000 visitors every night for the holiday season! Whew!!!

We went home early afternoon of December 27th, and I was knocked down on bed! LOL!

It was all worth it. I trully enjoyed the spirit of christmas as well. Thank you Lord...we are so blessed! :).


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